Architectural Polishing

Timber has been a staple interior design feature for centuries. Polished floorboards, parquet floors, wood panelled walls and carved staircases will never go out of fashion but are definitely trending at the moment.

Restoring and preserving these remarkable features is a skilled job and one that Rod Larwood is particularly good at.

Rod and his colleague have worked in a wide range of properties to restored tired interior woodwork. From country houses dating back to Tudor times, to corporate offices, family homes and house renovation projects, timeless features have been given a new lease of life.

Whenever work needs to be carried out on-site, Rod will communicate closely with your project manager and other tradespeople to minimise any disruption

Repairs to Timber features

Where the timber itself has been damaged, Rod and his colleague will make sympathetic, and more importantly, invisible repairs. If replacement timber is needed, we will source wood of a comparable age so that the finish is truly authentic.

Reinstating the Original Finish

Modern finishes do very little to care for the timber. Neither are they easy to repair should they be knocked or scratched. For architectural polishing projects Rod uses traditional, tried and tested finishes that are as close as possible to the original method of finish.

Sustainable Materials

No polyurethane, synthetic based varnishes or nasty chemicals are used in Rod Larwood's architectural polishing methods. Instead we rely on traditional waxes or plant oils from sustainable sources.

Newly Installed Oak Woodwork

Projects approaching completion that need to be polished in a traditional way have also been taken on with the same attention to detail as any original feature would receive.

More Information about Architectural Polishing

If you have an architectural polishing project that you'd like to discuss, please call or email Rod for sound, impartial advice and/or a quotation.

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Architectural Polishing Case Study

This spiral staircase had clearly lived through several changes in interior styling trends. Originally polished timber it had spent various stages of its life beneath layers of paint, varnish and many carpets.

The treads and risers were in remarkably good condition. There were just a couple of deep gouges that needed repairing before re-surfacing could start. Surfaces were stripped back to bare wood, sanded and finished with a nourishing yet durable natural oil.

This staircase will look fabulous for the foreseeable future and certainly won’t need to be hidden from view any more.

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