Insurance Work

Furniture Restoration for Insurance Purposes

It’s heartbreaking when your family heirlooms are damaged by fire, flood or accident. Fortunately though, all is not lost. Rod Larwood is a skilled and experienced furniture restorer who can work with your insurers to bring your favourite antiques back to their former glory.

Rod will work with your assessor to judge the extent and the cost of any repairs and, when the paperwork is approved, will carry out the work to the highest possible standards.

Veneers lifted due to water damage? No problem, Rod can make invisible repairs to your wooden furniture so that you’ll soon forget what happened.

Bumps, scratches, knocks and fractures? These are just one of Rod’s specialities. He can make those marks disappear.

Scorching and charring? Rod will repair and replace damaged timber and re-polish your furniture until it’s as good as new.

From a small box to a large wardrobe and anything in between, Rod can preserve the original character of the piece whilst restoring lost or damaged elements. He can even restore architectural features such as staircases, panelling or parquet flooring.

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